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Some Morro Bay businesses see sales drop after Fourth of July laser show

Some businesses had an unusual decline in revenue on the Fourth of July in Morro Bay, which held a laser light show in lieu of the traditional fireworks which are usually a big crowd drawer.

With the same cost of $25,000 the 30-minute Tidelands Park laser show was tagged to be an environmentally friendly alternative to fireworks show.

Hofbrau Restaurant, Great American Fish Co. and Giovanni’s Fish Market said they had near-record figures Friday and Sunday, but saw decreases in average business ranging from fifteen to twenty-five percent on Saturday compared to last year, owners said.

Owners of all three establishments said that they would be concerned if a laser show is planned again for ext year. They would definitely be sending complaints to the city representatives.

Although Mayor Janice Peters did not receive any complaints Monday afternoon after the festivities, some residents told her that they cannot see the show from their homes.

She favored the laser show as it is an environment friendly alternative which is better for Morro bay and its key species.  Morro Bay being home to a heron rookery, peregrine falcon nests and snowy plover will be best served by  having laser shows instead.

Comments received by the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce will be reviewed and be used whether or not to have another laser show next year, CEO Peter Candela said.

“What we try to do is listen and maybe change things so we have more of a balance of what people want”, he said.  “There are a lot of different directions we could go, but it’s certainly going to be evolving”.

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