FBI Nabbed Northeast Portland Man Accused Of Pointing Laser Beams At Planes

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Police and FBI agents earlier this month employed a novel technique to catch a Northeast Portland man accused of pointing a high-powered laser beam at airliners descending into Portland International Airport.

Agents and Portland police flew airplanes over the vicinity after dark in August to draw the attention of the person responsible for aiming big green beams at the cockpits of airliners, causing extreme danger to air crews and passengers, according to an FBI affidavit unsealed Thursday afternoon in U.S. District Court.

When the beam struck one of the investigation team’s planes, police and FBI agents drew a bead on the locale where it appeared to originate, Special Agent Jake Green wrote in the affidavit. Then they secretly installed surveillance cameras outside an apartment on the city’s northeast side.

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Boo In The Zoo – NewAje is the Provider of Blisslight Sprights

Boo In The Zoo – NewAje is the Provider of Blisslight Sprights

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3rd Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival Sunday August 4, 2013 at Avalon Hollywood


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Egypt crisis: Why are Cairo protesters using laser pens?

Helicopter flying above Tahrir Square

As crowds packed Tahrir Square in the centre of Cairo to celebrate the overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday night, three things filled the air – noise, fireworks and, unusually, laser beams.

The use of laser pens has become a distinctive feature of the protests against the country’s leadership, which began at the end of last month.

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Wild Waters Fireworks and Laser Show

Recent Fireworks display we worked on.  The Lasers show about half way through and the user submitted footage is not the best but it can give you an idea of the show.  It was a fun show all the same.

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Man who pointed laser at aircraft lands a 30-month prison sentence

NEW YORK (CNN) — A judge in California has sent a strong message to anyone who thinks that pointing lasers at aircraft is just harmless fun ‘n’ games.

U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson sentenced a 19-year-old man on Monday to 30 months in federal prison for shining a laser pointer at a plane and police helicopter, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, which prosecuted the case.

Adam Gardenhire deliberately pointed the commercial grade green laser at a private Cessna Citation that was landing at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport in California on March 29, 2012.

Gardenhire, of North Hollywood, California, was arrested and pleaded guilty in the incident as part of an agreement with prosecutors in October.

The pilot of the corporate jet was hit in the eye multiple times and had vision problems through the next day, court documents say.

Later, a helicopter sent by the Pasadena Police Department to investigate the incident also was again hit by a laser, but the pilot had protective equipment and was not injured.

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